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Carolyn Drane

With over 35 years industry experience, I have seen many changes to technology in Real Estate and the way it is used.

I am a fully Licensed Agent and my career in Real Estate started when I left school using an old typewriter, carbon paper and a mobile phone the size of a large brick!

Phoning people was not an issue as we had no other means other than snail mail. These days, people just text, tweet, Facebook or email first instead of picking up the phone.

We take iPads to our open homes instead of notepaper!

One thing that has remained constant for me however is the ability to communicate and provide great customer service to the people, whether it is on the phone, face-to-face or via electronic communications I like to ensure my clients have that personal connection.

People are our business in Property, we must continue to provide a human service as well as an electronic one. In my new business endeavours, we combine both the old school and the new, giving our clients the best of everything.

Matching people with property is what I love the most. Specialising in Acreage and Lifestyle Property is what we do best.

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